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Many of the checks are even returned instantly. Here is a breakdown of the timelines of the different types of background checks:. Several industries do require background checks, but it is important to note that laws can vary by state. In general, anyone working with children, the elderly, in financial positions, healthcare, government, and DOT regulated jobs should all expect to undergo a background check. Even if not mandated by law, in these industries especially, it is better to be safe than sorry. The risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit alone should be enough to make screening worthwhile.

If you are still wondering why background checks are necessary, these statistics should give you a good idea. Not only is there a monetary cost, but the damage to morale and loss of productivity that comes from hiring the wrong person can have a terrible impact on a workforce. There are even more costly reasons to make sure you know who you are hiring. The top risks were billing schemes, skimming, non-cash misappropriation, check tampering, and corruption.

The biggest reason however, is the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics from to more than people were murdered each year while on the job.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

Of those, 77 were multiple homicides. These services are not suitable for employment purposes.

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The online services just electronically scan databases that are almost always incomplete. The only real way to determine if a job applicant has a criminal record is to have an actual human being scour court records. They do this for several reasons, first to make sure the record really is for your applicant, and second to see if the there was actually a conviction.

No one wants to throw out good hire because of mistaken identity or over a charge that was dropped. For example, if you violated probation or parole as the result of a failed drug test, that information would appear on your background check, but the details of the drug test would not show up.

However, if you were arrested and then charged with a crime, that information will show up on a background check. Kent Collins Law has an experienced legal team waiting to answer all of your questions about criminal records, background checks, expungements and new criminal charges. Call our office at to set up a free, in-person consultation about your case or complete this form. For a free in person consultation Dial: What is a criminal record?

Why would someone want to run a background check? Typical reasons for background checks include: Adopting or fostering children Gaining employment Getting into a school Joining a military service Obtaining a security clearance Purchasing firearms Renting property Specific details from your criminal record can disqualify you from these activities. Examples include: Birth certificate Death certificate Divorce decrees Marriage licenses 4. How can I check my criminal record?

Are criminal records public? Do criminal records transfer from state to state? Can criminal records be expunged? Do criminal records affect employment? Who can see my criminal record? Will a criminal record affect a visa application? Do background checks include drug tests? For example, some courts allow for a quick and efficient search of their records further back than 7 years.

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The length at which criminal records can be reported to a customer of a consumer reporting agency depends on the type of information being reported as well as applicable federal and state laws that contain prohibitions on reporting certain types of information. As an industry standard, criminal conviction searches date back 7 years. A criminal record search program through Corporate Screening Services will take into consideration, when reporting records, the type of criminal record as well as all applicable state and federal laws.

This process increases the integrity of the pre-employment screening program by allowing for a more comprehensive search.

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Criminal record searches typically take between 24 and 48 hours to report. At Corporate Screening, you will receive constant background check updates and have access to our system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our primary goal is always to get you the information that you need as quickly as possible and without compromising quality by cutting corners. Background screening companies can quickly turn those verifications around when a former employer is currently in business, complete information on the former employer is provided by the candidate and the former employer replies to verification requests quickly.

Background check

Where many competitors report that the verification cannot be conducted or decide to use a source for verification that does not have complete and accurate information supervisors, secretaries and other coworkers simply for the sake of turnaround, Corporate Screening Services focuses on quality. Vague, incomplete and inaccurate information returned quickly leaves a customer with a false sense of security. We understand the intricacies of pre-employment screening and we share this information with you when initially building your customized program. We then consult you on how we can work together to provide the quality service you require with turnaround times at or better than the industry standards.

The fact is, there are many variables that contribute to an inefficient pre-employment program and slow turnaround times. Only through an assessment of your current background check program can solutions be found to create efficiencies and speed the process.

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We use an Electronic Applicant Screening Engine free to all our clients. It requires no set-up fees, no software to buy and no upgrade. You will receive email notifications when our office receives your case and when your case has been completed. You will have access to the system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, along with direct access to the investigator working on your case.

Because the system is Internet-based, it is paperless and will give you access to your records two years after the search was ordered. CS does accurately transcribe information For example, data will not show up if it was incorrectly entered or missing from the legal system in the first place, if a county does not report its information to the correct agency or if an applicant gets through the legal system using false identifiers.

Pre-employment screening is a very diverse and complex process requiring access to numerous information sources.

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